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IRO Rubble, 22.-24.10.2021

IRO Rubble, 22.-24.10.2021


The IRO organized an advanced rubble course in Austria between 22 and 24 October 2021. According to the original plan, it was supposed to be in Tritolwerk, but because the facility was closed at that time, we trained at a construction site in Eggendorf.

Silvana Šneberger and Andrej Indihar from DVRPS attended it. The instructor on the course was Andrej Žunič.
The weather was changeable, from warm, sunny, to cold windy. Fortunately, we did not have any precipitation. We trained in the mornings and afternoons, with lunch time in between.
The site is quite large, good, relatively difficult, with many good hiding places. There are many different materials, mostly concrete. The dogs had to overcome the rough and smooth slabs on which it slid, many were placed obliquely. There were concrete curbs, concrete pipes of various objects, wooden pallets, rubber, plastic, containers.
We worked a lot on microlocation and pointing, and the dogs did some searches every day. Some dogs had considerable difficulty moving on the loaded material, especially on the concrete slabs, so their handlers devoted part of the day to walking on the difficult material on the job site. Instructor Andrej spent quite some time correcting mistakes in dogs and guides.
In the evening, we devoted ourselves to socializing over dinner together. The training was very good, the dogs and guides learned a lot and gained a lot of new experiences, but it was also an opportunity to make new and strengthen old friendships.
On Sunday afternoon we headed towards home.

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