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From 24.4. - On April 28, 2022, DVRPS organized rubble training in Czech Republic. The training was attended by: Vesna Žagar with Yaffa and Giny, Silvana Šneberger with Lola, Alenka Fritzel with Brina,Špela Bergant with Chepi, Mojca Kučič with Kira, Miha Kavčič with Nala and Nataša Bregar with Ajka and Cubo.

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On Saturday, April 2, 2022, the DVRPS organized a test for inclusion in the regional units of the ZRPS. The test was attended by 9 dog handlers from the following associations: DVRPS, KVRPK and IZAR.

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Between 26 and 28 November 2021, rubble training took place in Padua. It was attended by Petra Adamič with Tara, Nataša Bregar with Ajka and Cubo, Miha Kavčič with Nala, Silvana Šneberger with Lola, Dušan Weber with Ares and Lili and Vesna Žagar with Yaffa and Ginny. The instructor was Andrej Žunič.

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Between 4 October and 8 October 2021, an international anti-earthquake practical exercise took place as part of the SIQUAKE 2020 project. Our members also took part in the exercise, namely Petra Adamič with the dog Tara, Andrej Indihar with the dog Meli, Dušan Weber with the dog Lili and Vesna Žagar with the dog Yaffa.

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On 4.9.2021 we organised DVRPS exams. The exams were judged by the international FCI judge Meglič Ljubo. The exams were held at the association's training ground, the railway foundry in Ljubljana and Mokrc above Ig.


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On Sunday, November 7th 2021, KD IZAR prepared a test for inclusion in the regional units of ZRPS. Dog handlers from EVRPL, DRP Nova Gorica, DRPB Koper, IZAR and 4 dog handlers from DVRPS took part in the test: Vesna Žagar, Alenka Fritzel, Andrej Indihar and Nataša Bregar.

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The IRO organized an advanced rubble course in Austria between 22 and 24 October 2021. According to the original plan, it was supposed to be in Tritolwerk, but because the facility was closed at that time, we trained at a construction site in Eggendorf.

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