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ZRPS test, 7.11.2021

ZRPS test, 7.11.2021

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On Sunday, November 7th 2021, KD IZAR prepared a test for inclusion in the regional units of ZRPS. Dog handlers from EVRPL, DRP Nova Gorica, DRPB Koper, IZAR and 4 dog handlers from DVRPS took part in the test: Vesna Žagar, Alenka Fritzel, Andrej Indihar and Nataša Bregar.

After registering the organizer uploaded the necessary data on GPS and we went to the work sites. First it was time to search along the way and search in the sector. The weather was not favorable for us at the beginning, as it was quite cold and it was still raining. During the day, however, it cleared up and the sun showed up as well. The work was so much more enjoyable.

After both searches we had to do a hike according to the instructions in the GPS which lasted about 30 minutes. The hike was followed by a check of the INSARAG guidelines. Along with the small ruin, we renewed our knowledge of the INSARAG methodological cycle, triage factors, important markings and knowledge of signaling.

The test was successfully performed by Vesna Žagar, Andrej Indihar and Nataša Bregar.

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